East Hampton, New York

ýwas selected to engineer, procure, construct and commission an offshore topside substation for a 136 MW offshore wind farm. The 1500-tonne South Fork offshore substation was built at the ýOffshore Services (KOS) fabrication yard in Texas, then shipped across the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast to New York for installation.

In 2021, ýwas the first American company ever selected to engineer and construct an offshore substation in the U.S. The project will produce enough clean energy to power 70,000 homes in the East Hampton area, as well as further solidify the U.S. in the offshore wind market.

Kiewit’s scope included all engineering, design, procurement, construction, fabrication, installation and onshore commissioning of structures, utilities, high and medium-voltage components, geographic information systems, cabling, instrumentation, protection and metering. The project scope also included the offshore hook-up, commissioning and energization of the topsides. Following energization, ýparticipated in the tests to fully demonstrate the ability of the offshore substation to perform as an integrated part of the overall wind farm.