Transmission Line Rebuild

Transmission Line Rebuild

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ýrebuilt portions of two seventy-year-old transmission lines to increase electricity reliability. The project included upgrading a two-way 1200-amp switch at a substation to 2000 amps.

The team engineered, procured and constructed the rebuild of over 20 miles of single-circuit and 17-miles of a double-circuit 138-kilovolt transmission line across several counties. Permit assistance, 290 right-of-way acquisitions, access installation and line demolition was also part of the scope.

Through collaborative stakeholder engagement, the team worked to understand and mitigate issues on prior projects that led to disputes and performance impacts. Additionally, permitting plans were developed with the Department of Transportation for a major highway crossing, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for crossing a river. These efforts enabled the team to develop execution plans that optimized work sequencing, minimized outages and reduced schedule.